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Our team


Safety Advisory

Safety is one of our top priorities here at Elevated Sportz.

We want to ensure all guests can 

We know that this sometimes doesn't make us the coolest people in the world, but we would rather be safe than sorry!

SO, if you hear a whistle blown or someone shouting about rules, it's not because we're mean bullies or we have some sort of power complex. It's simply because we absolutely do not want anyone getting hurt! It’s really loud with all the excitement so staff have to be loud, to be heard! Trampolines are really fun, but the wrong moves can send someone to the hospital. Trust us- we've done the research; we've seen what happens when people refuse to follow rules- it’s not fun.

Check out our rules to help prevent injury.


Everybody has to start somewhere. Many of our staff members have never worked at a trampoline park before, so we make sure our staff goes through rigorous training sessions to make sure they know every in and out. We've built a system to make work ethic easy.

We strive to make our staff members happy, productive and find a purpose. Our staff helps bring in the energy that a fun place like Elevated Sportz needs. Feel free to send your resume to

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