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Donation Requests

Fundraising Events

It's easy. The fundraising program is currently available to public or private schools, non-profit organizations, booster clubs, or other not-for-profit groups interested in raising funds for their organizations.

15-20% of all register sales from your group are going straight to your organization!

(Excluding food, beverages, groups, parties & facility rental)


  • Organization must be a non-profit organization with a non-profit tax ID number.

  • Preference is given to charities that support children and teens.

  • Date(s) of fundraising event is set with agreement from Elevated Sportz.

  • Fundraising event agreement must be signed before event takes place.

  • Percentage returned to organization is 15-20% of pretax sales for jump, play and combo activity tickets only. Does not include café purchases, group discount tickets, parties, facility rentals, arcade games, Extreme Machine, or laser maze payments. Does include retail items, such as grip socks, cinch bags, etc.

  • Pre-purchased tickets and online tickets cannot be included in the fundraiser.

  • Available year-round except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or during winter, mid-winter, or spring school breaks.

  • Organization is responsible for advertising the fundraiser.

  • Organization may not solicit Elevated Sportz customers to participant in fundraiser in parking areas, at front door, in lobby or any other area of the facility.

  • Fundraising proceeds will be returned to the organization within 14 days after the event by mail or in-house pick up.


Just follow the steps below!


Pick a date

Elevated Sportz fundraising events run from 1 to 5 days. Multiple days helps you to maximize attendance! Available year-round except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or during winter, mid-winter, or spring school breaks.


Submit online request form

Submit a request by using the request form below. A representative will contact you and help set up the fundraising event. Please note that the facility will remain open to the general public.


Promote your event

Please take a look at some tips for a successful fundraiser.


Enjoy your event

You can sit back and enjoy the fun, knowing that a percentage of the activity ticket purchases by your supporters are going straight to your organization.

Donation Requests

We know the best way to make the world a better place is by giving back.


One way we give back is through donations to non-profit organizations & schools. Please fill out our donation form and attach an official donation request on the organization’s letterhead and procurement form to see how Elevated Sportz can help with your non-profit event. Please understand that we cannot fulfill every request as we receive hundreds each year.

Donation request deadlines - submit requests by:

December 1 for events between January and June of the following year.

June 1 for events between July and December of same year.

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