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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Can an Adult sibling, relative, or babysitter bring my children to Elevated Sportz?

Yes, but a legal parent or guardian needs to sign a waiver for the child. Sign the waiver here!


What are the age and height requirements?

Must be at least 12 years old for our play area (play tickets).

Must be 3+ to use trampolines & battle beam (jump tickets).

Must be at least 48” to use ninja course.


Do I have to pay for my baby to play in Kidz Adventure? What’s the rate for a baby?

Children that cannot yet walk unassisted are not allowed to play on any level of the play structure for their own safety. We do have a dedicated Toddler Zone meant for younger children. If they are playing in the KidzA area, they will need to be paid for.


What should we wear?

Socks or grip socks are required in Kidz Adventure play area; grip socks are required on the trampolines. Grip socks are anti-slip socks that are available for purchase at our front desk for $3.75 per pair. Non-grip toddler and small child socks are available for $1.50.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing free of sharp objects.

Wallets, cell phones, loose piercings, jewelry and sharp hair accessories should be removed before entering. We are not responsible for lost items – please leave valuables at home.


Can we bring our own food or drink?

No outside food or beverages are allowed, but check out our Cafe HERE!


Can I bring a cake or cupcakes to celebrate my child’s birthday at Elevated Sportz?

Only customers who booked a birthday party package, team party, party a la carte can bring in cake or cupcakes, and these items can only be enjoyed in the party suite.


Do you offer membership?

Not at this time.


Can I purchase a Fun Card as a gift for someone over the phone?

No. Fun Cards can be purchased in-person or through our website HERE. If placed on our website, you will receive an order number.

What can I buy with a Fun Card?

Fun Cards can be used to purchase activity tickets, Café items and Laser Maze (from the front desk).

Fun Cards can be used to purchase online activity tickets. *Physical card required*


Do I have to come in on the hour to jump or play?

Our activity sessions start every 15 minutes upon availability, so you can drop in at any time. We do not restrict our start times to hourly availability.

Online Reservation FAQs

What if we can’t make our time that we purchased, are we able to reschedule it?

Of course! Just know that moving tickets to a different time depends on our current ticket availability for that activity, we may not be able to move you to another time slot so make sure to come in at your scheduled time if possible!


What happens if I need to cancel my online reservation?

Tickets are non-refundable and are only good for the reserved dates and times secured during the payment process.


What happens if I selected the wrong dates and/or times on my online reservation?

If the activity time you scheduled for has yet to happen, we can always look at our availability to move your tickets, give us a call at 425.949.4488 to check availability to reschedule!

Do I need to arrive early?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your reserved session to ensure that you get the full benefit of your reservation time. Weekends and holidays may result in longer waiting and check-in time.

Waivers FAQs

Do I need to sign the liability waiver before I can jump or play?

YES! Every participant needs to have a liability waiver signed. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must complete the waiver on line for you. Waivers can be completed online, or on location at our Waiver Kiosks at Elevated Sportz. Sign your waiver by clicking here!

Why do I need to provide my driver’s license number and other personal information on the waiver?

We require parents to enter their driver's license number and other personal information, to confirm the identity of the person. The convenience of allowing parents to sign a waiver at home has removed our ability to witness the parent signing on behalf of their minor child. By obtaining information that is reasonably expected to be accessible and/or known only by the parent, we are reinstating that missing step in our verification process. Whether signing at home, or in our lobby kiosk, we require this kind of information.

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