NInja course

Our Ninja Course is an adrenaline pumping race! The course’s obstacles will challenge your body and mind and build up your skills until you can master the entire course. Become stronger, better, and faster as you take on more difficult obstacles. The goal? Become a master ninja warrior by conquering the course.  Must be 48” or taller with a valid Combo or Jump sticker.


Want to test your reflexes or resolve that old rivalry? Grab a battle stick and face an opponent on the battle beam. Feeling balanced? Impeccable mental concentration and skill are required. How long can you stay on? No height restriction on this features, but requires a valid Combo or Jump sticker.

push yourself because no else is going to do it for you. you are ninja.

Ninja Course
  • No climbing on metal support structures.

  • Only one ninja per lane at a time.

  • Wait until the previous ninja exits the foam pit or lane before starting.

  • No digging, throwing, or playing with foam cubes.

  • Don't linger in the foam pit. Exit immediately.

  • Don’t change lanes in mid course.

  • Don’t hang by feet or knees from obstacles.

  • Don’t put legs through hanging rings.

  • Don’t climb on top of high swinging bridges.

Battle Beam Rules
  • Don't jump or dive into the foam pit.

  • Remove eyeglasses before battling.

  • Only two players on the beam at a time.

  • Don't start until foam pit, slackline and battle beam are clear.

  • No head shots.

  • Keep it friendly and polite.

  • Don’t throw the battle sticks.

  • No flips, tricks or running on beam.

  • Land in foam pit on feet, back or bottom.

  • Exit foam pit immediately.

  • Don't bury yourself or others in the foam.

  • No digging, throwing, or playing with foam blocks.